"World's Most Recorded Piper" Eric Rigler (BRAVEHEART, TITANIC, AUSTIN POWERS, OUTLANDER, THE SIMPSONS, PHIL COLLINS, JOSH GROBAN, FAITH HILL, etc.) and multi-talented string player/producer Dirk Freymuth team-up to create a soundscape of Celtic spirit and energy.  Drawing from haunting Irish melodies, barn-burning jigs & reels, and themes from Eric’s film & television work, the duo produce a hearing-is-believing sonic experience.


BELGROVE ROAD, the project’s first release, weaves primarily Irish traditional music (and original title cut penned by Dirk) with a relaxed pulse of world percussion.  Featuring Eric on Irish uilleann pipes, highland bagpipes, high & low whistles, and Dirk on acoustic & electric guitars, bouzouki, electric bass and keyboards, the album ebbs and flows with a groove-based feel accompanied by friends Wanda Law on Irish fiddle & viola and Jimi Englund on percussion. 


Both incredibly gifted musicians with long careers filled with musical diversity, adventure, creativity and a bit of fame, Eric and Dirk collaborate here for the first time. Developing a live show based on these recordings, the duo perform not only traditional Irish music but also select themes and surprises from Eric’s recording career such as the current STARZ Channel hit series, OUTLANDER, Tom Hanks & Paul Newman’s THE ROAD TO PERDITION, Mike Oldfield’s TUBULAR BELLS 2, and a special BRAVEHEART and TITANIC tribute to close friend and film composer, the late James Horner.


Eric Rigler's legendary 40-year career on the bagpipes is world-famous.  From performing "Amazing Grace" at PRESIDENT REAGAN'S funeral to hundreds of appearances, films and recordings such as BRAVEHEART, TITANIC, MEN IN BLACK 3, CINDERELLA MAN, AUSTIN POWERS to CD's for PHIL COLLINS, JOSH GROBAN, FAITH HILL, KEITH URBAN, ROD STEWART to TV's OUTLANDER, ONCE UPON A TIME, BLACK SAILS, THE TONIGHT SHOW with JAY LENO, JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, CROSSING JORDAN, THE SIMPSONS, and SOUTH PARK, Eric has been called "the most recorded piper in history".


Dirk Freymuth’s gifted and diverse talent on the guitar spans genres from being a member of the Minneapolis power-pop trio, HINDU RODEO, to Dublin’s BAROQUE ORCHESTRA OF IRELAND.  As a studio player he has recorded for the KOTTONMOUTH KINGS, THE PROCLAIMERS, JOHN GORKA and many others.  Earning music degrees from the University of Southern California, Dirk has produced more than fifty albums in a wide variety of styles, most notably Classical and Celtic, where he first collaborated with Eric Rigler.